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Welcome to the Moon

Roger Glover


Welcome to the Moon Letra

They found water on the moon
So they got to dig a well
Tell me where's it going to end?
Only a fool could tell

And what they gonna find there?
Whatever they can sell
'Cause it's got to make money
Well well well well well

Water on the moon, everything is free
All you do is get there, shuttle one oh three
It's leaving in the morning, be there by tea
It's a bit like Hawaii, oh dear dear dear me

Welcome to the moon, have a holiday
Won't you bring all the family to Camp USA
There's nothing there to bite you or get in your way
You can even play golf there, hey hey hey hey hey

So now we're on the moon, let's have another go
This time doing it the right way, let the good times roll
With everybody happy but in your gut you know
It's never gonna happen, no no no no no

Welcome to the moon

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