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I listen to um- I listen to classic guitar lately.

Oh, me too.

Yeah, a lot of classic guitar. This guy named Manuel Reyes, I think his name is. He's from Paraguay. I don't know, what else do we listen to? I don't know. Well when we have band listening time, when we all listen together, we've been revisiting, you know, Miles Davis records, and stuff like that. And Joey sometimes brings in some Donavan. Dave sometimes brings a- there's a big Rush box set. The last listening session, we had to listen to the whole box set from beginning to end. It was quite good actually. I never thought I would get through that many Rush songs, but it was great. I really loved it.

We actually do a little thing called iPod wars on the bus, where we have a little mixer and everyone can plug in their iPod, and one after another you can just fade the channels in and out. And there haven't been any fights yet, but everyone's generally accepting to the tastes of other people and what they're playing. In plus, ya know, everyone's having a good time and everything, so... But it's all been good.

I mean Beatles vs. Stones is always a hot debate.

Where do you fall?

I'm not- I'm just gonna let it-

No, no, Charles, let's not talk about that.

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