On Playing Acoustically



I'm loving it. I love it. I love doing this.

We now have our own acoustic road case that we carry now, so we can do these, so it's wonderful.

This is like a little jam session. Well, it's different all the time. Sometimes we're in tune.

We don't really talk about it very much. We've just been playing and then if we have an opportunity to practice at the session or do multiple takes for some reason, we might do it differently. But, we usually don't even talk about it. We usually just show up and play and see what happens --- and hopefully over time, some kind of new acoustic stripped down dynamic will become more and more tweaked. You know, it does, like every time we do it, it becomes more tweaked. Coming off as more arranged or thought out, but we're really not thinking about or talking about it. We're just kind of doing it and going [makes grunting noises].

Love the violin.

Yeah. I think the three of us are listening to Paz, what she's doing with the violin and her vocals, and kind of seeing how that sits with us, and how to work with that. And it's fun.

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