Barry White

Girl It’s True, Yes I’ll Always Love You

Barry White


There's that look again
You know what I'm talking about
That insecure that unsure that, that wondering
It's all in your eyes baby
You're sitting there and you're wondering
Does he really love me as much as he says he does?
Does he really need me and want me as much as he says he
Baby I can't
Sit around you twenty four hours a day telling you baby I
Love you, I need you and I want you
But I feel like right now right at this moment
I should try to clear and make you feel reassured about me
Woman are sensitive
Very sensitive
Baby let me tell you something you know
Just as hard as a woman can love a man
A man can love his woman
And baby believe me
I do love you
Everything I have is you
And I don't like to see you look this way
I don't like to see you feel this way
I don't
I want you to be together
And know and feel and be sure at all times
We're going to make it baby, huh!
You better believe me
The world is ours, no doubt in my heart or my mind
You and me babe, huh!
Just you, and me, I know, you know why?
Because, if I thought, I would lose you
I couldn't feel the way that I do
In you I found, my world of extasy
Honey you are, honey you're all I need
You and me togever, we were meant to be, yeah
Girl its true, yeah, Girl i'll always love you I do, yes
I'll always love, its true

Yes i'll always love you, its true, girl yes I'll always
Love you

With every step I make and every breath I take, you and me
Baby, you and me
Girl I know, we're going make it
Cause what we feel is real
And we don't have to fake it
I'm giving you, everything I've got
And truly I, I don't want to ever stop
You and me togever, girl we were meant to be

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