Barry White

Heavenly, That’s What You Are To Me

Barry White


Baby I hold
And I touch you
I make love to you when I feel you
Oh baby I still don't believe it
You're so unreal
You're like nothing that I've ever known before
My life began when I found you
From then on

There so many times I simply and
I could not find love until I met you
Nothing out there I could ever come back
For what I found in you

Heavenly, girl that's is what you are to me
To love you so
Don't ever leave
Promise me tomorrow
I won't let you go

Heavenly that's what you are to me
And I just wanna be sure
Promise me that you won't ever leave
Cause I won't let you go

Baby all the guys keep asking me why
Girl why I love you this way
If they had someone
They know while I'm on the phone
And why they always hear me say


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