Impromtus Ad Mortem

Dark prophecies

Impromtus Ad Mortem


Dark prophecies Letra

From the sky, songs of tragedy from an angel were heard
And in the form of thunder, they fell, one by one, collapsing the crowns
And among follies, groans and fears the prophecies were born

In time, the brightness of the sun hides the darkness of the past
That slowly become flesh to pour chaos
That the proud son of terror created

Death, hate, rancor is the end of paradise
You will be expelled by the swords of evil
Serpents will reign and satiate their instincts
And nothing, nothing will satisfy their thirst for agony

There will be no humanity, there will be no life,
The future never existed, everything is a dream
Red roses wither because the son of Mars
Finished the sect of good off that God created
Feel the power, the essence, the being, succumb before you the darkness

You will live forever in the kingdom of flames
And you will feel contempt for the god that failed you
You will gladly accept the laws of the night.
Decide or live forever on the cross

Funeral bells murder the silence
Among resounding cries sound biblical choirs...
It was written, it had been said, the time has come
Heaven and Hell witness with horror
The birth of the apocalypse

Mutilating like blades the dawn, only darkness reigns
Eclipsing life and time forever

Living dead, you wander naked, (you) walk aimlessly
Among the morbid dreams you longed yesterday
Your scratched soul, your disfigured flesh scream with hatred
And they curse the creator with fury

From that paradise promised by a god
Only souls remain in sobs and agony.