Impromtus Ad Mortem


Masks Letra

In front, a smile
In the background, the poison that rots and kills
How to believe in you if I give you my hand
And you stab me in the back

Envy is shown through your pores
Hate flows through the veins
Hypocrisy, your daily bread
Rancor eats away at your guts

You take the best of me
And then you spit in my face,
I can not grow, I can not dream
It is necessary for you that I remain in the mud

Behind a mask
You hide your black soul
The disfigured face of betrayal
The despair of death

Behind a mask
You long for the misery in my being
And sharpen your claws to tear my soul

But now it's my turn
To teach you the law of Karma
You'll drown, looking into my eyes.
I'm going to destroy you by showing you my face

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