DaBaby Arts & Raps Freestyle

DaBaby ft. Stunna 4 Vegas


She said I sign with DaBaby, I'm major
______ with no chaser
I spit crack, come get you a taste
I didn't come for no _____, look
I'm a player, hot the Feds say I'm on their radar
Them young'ns go everywhere with any hoe
I'm in this like a porn star, I went deep in a real one for-

I think this little person too hot for me
Ain't no searchin' bro I got that thang with me
Ain't got nothing but pink and blue hundreds
It look like we playing Monopoly
Ok, watch how I switch up
I went and cashed out at the lot, then pulled up, picked your chick up
Not when I'm at the mall all the people they follow me round, tryna ask for a picture
I light that boy up like a Swisher
When your girl hit up my phone I don't pick up

Nobody sicker
I cuss too much in my rhymes, I don't wanna do it on
I like y'all show

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