DaBaby Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #076

DaBaby Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #076



DaBaby Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #076 Letra

Who shot your homeboy? A nigga with a diaper on?
Got on the City Girls beat and got a cypher on?
Your girl said she diggin' with DaBaby, right or wrong?
Just gave me head in the rental car while the lights was on
You know me, I be chillin' and coolin', know I'm the shit with the music
Since you in love with computers, go look my name up on Google
And please don't turn to no groupie, others niggas be goofy
Might as well get some popcorn, we finna make this a movie
Somewhere laid up with a stallion, lettin' them haters hate
Eatin' jumbo shrimp with the steak off of a paper plate
Ballin' on 'em like Michael Jordan back in '88
Got my dick sucked before my flight, it almost made me late
I'm in a different bracket than rappers, these niggas can't relate
Don't make me get to slappin' these rappers, give 'em a change of face
Made so many racks off of trappin', say I was slangin' weight
Put the weed down and start eatin', they say I'm gainin' weight
Who shot ya? That lil' nigga with the pamper baby?
With twenty pounds of Cali weed inside the hamper baby?
Your girl said she throw the- ah ah ah
I pull up with the bald fade like a camper, ah
Who shot ya? That lil' nigga be on Instagram?
Do what the fuck he want to do like he don't give a damn?
Just got some head outside the show inside the sprinter van
They say I'm a fool 'cause I'm coolin', smooth as a ceiling fan
You need to get your boss, I ain't tryin' to talk to no middleman
I'm chargin' just to talk, nothin' personal, I'm a businessman, huh

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