Fan Freestyle de DaBaby

Fan Freestyle

DaBaby ft. Stunna 4 Vegas


Put him in the air like he flyin'
All that cap in his raps he lyin'
These niggas ain't living they punchlines
He want smoke then I'm calling up 1-time
Hit his bitch then i pass her to bro Hi-Five
Know I got that Glock when I ride
We got the chicken like Popeyes
Bitch try to flex I might pop off

I stop yo ass like a stop sign
Beat a lil' ni*** up if he my size
Up that Glock on his ass now he cock-eyed
Numbers high over there low on my side
Guarantee to make any trap boom
We can't f*** at the crib get a room
Get it in and I'm out of there zoom
Left her hair on the floor get a broom
I got a bitch for every single day of the week I don't know what to do
You told that yo name was Tuesday I fuc*** you on Thursday you got me confused
I'm Flava Flave without the clock
I'm Nino Brown without the cops
I'm Eazy E without the AIDS
I'm Bobby Shmurda with the Glock
Yeah everybody know ima hot ni***
We ain't gone say too much we just drop niggas
Give a f*** how you feel you ain't my ni***
Why my dawg look like that he just try niggas
Better stay out our way cause we do that
Get a fade once a week f*** a durag
I flew in fuc*** his bitch then I flew back
Get a verse or a pound for like 2 flat

Boy I get on yo head like a durag
So it's best that you use it cause it can get blew back
I told my lil' ni*** shoot that
I know for sure he gon' do that
No we ain't coppin' no pleas
No we ain't dodgin' no beef
We leave that shit in the streets
Slide down they block leave em up in the street
We pick the rental with speed
I f*** that lil' thot she a freak
Stunna a dog no fleas
Whoop a rapper put him on SayCheese
Fuck a hoe I want bucks
Drop back like Andrew Luck
We catch a opp he fuc***
Tie his ass up and it's stuck
We tryna fry him
She want me like some designer
Clips on head like a lineup
Reach for me fitness come sign up
But you gotta come with a Homi
Wanna hang around me catch a body
I play him close I'm slimey
I say the word and they slidin'

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