The Man

DaBaby ft. Geezy


The Man Letra

I'ma finesse the ball like Clyde Drexler
Hit me with the cap, got sticks all on the dresser
Stick do pilates, nigga, we ain't stretchin'
We'll go the extra, put you on a stretcher
I want the Gucci, my bitch want Margielas
Bust down my Rollie like a cigarillo
They do white gold, but now I want the yellow
I'm a rockstar, I'm totin' heavy metal
Cam got hits

Sang in the money, whoa
Say I look a lil' funny, yo
I put the coupe on the shunts
VVS all my diamonds
All of this ice, it got me cool
Walk in, I spent a rack or two
Finesse it, don't make me capper you
Never lack bitches, I keepin' two