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You have changed, or were you always the same?
i give you up, it's time to stop
nothing moves at all, it's like a sudden death
all these forgotten years are never coming back
The damage is done, it's all over now
so don't complain, don't mention it again
is it you or is it me, who can't see?
it's way above our heads, we're up a tree
There's too much confusion, you leave me no choice
if i wanted anything from you
i would put a halt to it all
The path you chose is full of thorns
a one way street where no one goes
so now you crucify me, but why should i do the same?
for i promised nothing, it's all in vain
You have too much illusions, you want to be in control
and if i promised you anything in life is to keep an open mind to it all
say what you want of me and i say what i want of you
i won't leave it up to anything
maybe i am cruel to be kind, kind

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