Bad Idea



What is this I feel about you?
Hoping not to make it an issue
I don't want to be nice at all
You're only causing trouble
But you can stay if you want to

Being in love with you seems like a really bad idea
But when I'm not with you I'm wishing I could have you near

Please do not allow me to miss you
I'm trying my best to keep my distance
I don't want to give you my heart
But it seems to like you a lot
Do you feel the same way, too?

I'm never gonna, never gonna, never gonna
Be that girl again who tries to win you over
And falling in love with the wrong kind of boy who will only break my heart into a million pieces
Oh I went through it before I've had enough heartaches
Now I'm trying to be smart about it
But you're just crash like the waves
And now all I think about is you

You near, you near, you near, you near
Such bad idea

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