Escape Letra

I can feel the sunlight
On my face
Yea, I'm so happy

I packed my bags and
I'm not scared
Gonna go somewhere

Know I won't relieve you from the path that I was on
But I'm not gonna stay, I'm gonna try and move along
I'm not gonna change, I'm still the girl I was before
But if I stay in one place I can grow

I'm on my way
I'm flying away
I want you here
Yea I could really use an escape
I could really use an escape

The world is like a book
Travel page by page
Break away from your cage

See new horizons
And lift blindfolds
Learn from your mistakes

I'm just gonna try and touch the sky, high up above
No one's gonna stop me from doing what I love
Keeping all the people who were there to take me on
Change these moments before they're gone

[Chorus 2]

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