I Want You Back



I Want You Back Letra

I'm still up it's 4AM
I don't know what to make of today
If I'm doing something right
Why does every bone inside of me ache

I don't know if I'm worth it
Maybe we were perfect
I really need to call you tonight
Cause I just thought I should let you know
I want you back
Feeling like I did something wrong
I want you back

It's giving me a heart attack
I hate myself for doing that
You're the best thing I ever known

Hey, I've been going back and forth
Then I miss you more and more everyday
I keep writing all these words
In my head so I know what to say

Close my eyes and hold my breath
Hoping that we pass this test
Trying to believe that it's not over

Don't know why I couldn't see
You're the only one for me
I don't really want this to be over

It's giving you a heartattack
Hate myself for doing that
You're the best thing I've ever known

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