Mountains Letra

I wish I meant something to you
Like you did to me
I wish I could stay as new
As when you first found me
Oh my
Head is tired from just trying to hide my views
Oh and
I keep trying my best just to keep you

Place me in a corner
Inside your heart
So that you remember
Baby when I'm gone…

Are you still having fun?
Well I'm still waiting
(Waiting for the mountains to fall) Maybe when I am gone
You'll learn something
(Waiting for the mountains to fall)
I'm not as smart as your books
But I know how to look
Out for you…
I come with a head and a heart
Been using it from the start
And my
Brain is tired
The suffering comes from you
Still, I've been trying my best just to please you

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus][x2]

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