Did I make a mistake giving you my heart
I didn't seem to notice 'till we fell apart
You got a little scared oh when I found out
You were building something with somebody else
Hold on a little longer you say
Begging me not to go
We should give it another try
I know you want me for the long run
These girls you only want them for fun
Let me lay the rules out for you

I won't stay
Unless you change your ways
Not another day
Will I be a fool
And if you change
It might be to late
I might not feel the same
About you

Am I wasting my time trying to figure out
All these girls on your phone, are they friends of yours?
I'm imagining all the things you do
If I give you your freedom would you stay true
Say all the things that you used to say
Your hopes and fears all over again
We will give it another try
Please tell me why you want me to stay
Prove to me that you are a changed man
Help me to trust you again... again


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