You Know Better Letra y canción

Biig Piig ft. Bone Slim

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YOU KNOW BETTER es una canción de Biig Piig y Bone Slim.


'You Know Better'

Why did you bring me here
Or was I doomed for this?
A little liquor still lingers on my bruised lips
I take a cigarette and light it on the counter stove
But now I'm older I can't blame it on the other kids

It seems like everywhere I look I see my past again
Remember playing ring a rosy in the grass
I wonder then if Mrs Maples thought she knew me well
And said 'that little girl's gone' end up like her mam, fuck'

This is the calm before the storm
It starts at 3 PM
I smoke my blem and wait for déjà vu to strike
He says he loves but he treats me like he doesn't
I see an addict when I look into his eyes

Like all these settings they just seem so damn familiar
My heart is breaking when I see my mother cry
But I keep living on a loop and to the same effect
This time is different, where I'm really gonna try

I get high
Only cause always make me to be high (?)
Said, I get high
Only 'cause you always make me teary eyed

So, baby please tell me if I be too strong
And maybe take a little less next time that you write this song (?)
I've been wrong before but now I'm pretty certain
You're always gone pull for me, even when I'm hurting
I've been the disturbing murmurs in the back of your turning
Said he tried to tell me, wrap me up and keep burning
Steep learning but that's how I get through to you
I make you spend a few, and (?) I make you beautiful
Your mama told you that I'm (?) Lucifer
I said I'm grown in the home of the ruthless of the future
Tryna be on the level of the boss guys
Lost fights, lost lives
Reminiscing as I get lost in your locked eyes
Burned to burgundy, third degree
Surgery is a procedure, I reverse (?)
I help you (?)
If you just learn from me
Drive you to the heights
See the lights, and don't swerve
I'll f*** you up

I know what you wanna do
Know that it's not good for you
But you can't kick the habit

I (I) get high
Only 'cause you always make me teary eyed
(I cry)
Said, I (I) get high
(I get so high)
Only 'cause you always make me teary eyed