League of Legends

EU vs. NA

League of Legends ft. CaptainFlowers y DraKos


EU vs. NA Letra

Oh, shit, the challenge you've all been waiting for, uh
Let's get it started

Gather round children, it's about to go down
LEC is here to beat some LCS clowns
It's a circus, you know your talent is droppin'
Lookin' low rent when EU is poppin'
Importin', importin', importin', importin' can't get shit
No matter how many you get, imports ain't it
Said, you ruin 'em, screwin' 'em
High ping solo queue, bad scrims are doomin' 'em
Look at the teams you field against the LEC
Let's take stock of the situation shall we?
The way C9 plays brings me pain
Sneaky better in a dress than a bot lane
It's a shame, Zven was supposed to enhance this
More TSM chants than international chances
But it's cool, I'll get Rick Fox for you, he's Iron II
Better than half of your crew
Keep disappointing, keep coming back, it's valiant
Run it down every game, now that's LCS talent
Every champ's a dog champ when your boys are playing it
NA Jayce, NA Pyke, even Twitch chat is saying it
When you're displaying, it mechanics look weak
Sayin', 'Why can't our players compete?
I thought we bought the best
Hey, aren't they paid for by Steve?'
'Cause we 1v9 you 9X; GG go next
The trophy? In 80 minutes or less
That's the EU finesse, best respect it or flee
Or you'll live up to your namesake, land of the free

This gold ranked dude coming into my jungle?
Hell no

It ain't about the jungle, though, it's bigger than that
We goin' NA versus EU, and I'm on the attack
Talkin' 'bout this thing like rivalry is important
What the **** is EU pride, man? I thought you from Portland
It's okay, though, I get it, I do
Europe's got a history at needin' a boost
They get themselves in a predicament they cannot get through
And then they call NA, 'Please save the day!'
And now you might run away when you're from NA
Like a Benedict Arnold, but I gotta say
You'll navigate your rhymes, I'll devastate your mind
You name the place and time
'Cause history written by the winner
I'll erase the crime, you bring the whole LEC
Nah, you still won't be ready
Ya whole crew's just you and eight versions of Vedi
Bad news (Maybe nine, I lost count)
I'm here in my element, leave you hella irrelevant
I'll address the elephant in the room (Hell yeah)
Yeah, you won back at MSI, but you know that we got our eye
On that trophy you know that I will be comin' for it soon
Yeah, we want you feelin' comfortable, get drunk on bravado
And then we hit you when you're vulnerable, like amontillado

This is verse two, like week two, you're doomed when it started
0-10 in the end, cry and then leave brokenhearted
Call you Gargamel, 'cause you know that we're smurfin'
Can't expect to win when you don't put that work in
'Cause we've got Fnatic, with fans like addicts
Been hungry for a title, can you feed 'em for a while?
Let 'em style, remind you of what Rekkles does to scrubs
Don't expect no love from me
Or the OG, they dismantle their opponents
Original gangster macro game, they own it
Only team whose ever crushed their dreams
Are the EU fiends, the best in the world
Get the red carpet unfurled
For EU's greatest, G2's players, NA slayers
Can't stop 'em, so just get ready to savor
The moment, you know it, it's over, so own it, and die
Salt tastes so good when you cry
NA-CL, I'm like, 'Oh, well'
Match hasn't started they ringing the bell
So give us that trophy on a platter
Back to back MSI to Worlds, only Doublelift that matters
How do you even come at me?
Six European mids what does that mean?
This tournament's a multi-league fusion
Not your half-assed shot at an EU reunion

What are you talking about?
You're an import!

I see the LEC, I see a group of Samurai, then a hella gap—
'Tween them and the other guys
'Aha! Dumb NA casters, what do you know?
Fnatic beat C9 a few months ago!
World semi-finals ring a bell?
Listen up, fool, I've a story to tell!'
You know what, dude, that was really kinda weird
But I get a little bit of what you're saying here
But the times have changed, Fnatic rearranged
Their relationship with winning is a little bit estranged
They be lookin' like a soda bottle long gone flat
Tryna hide a janky cut but misplaced the hat
And if you're still not understanding what I'm getting at
I say they're lookin' pretty shitty since they done lost Caps
This is what about Origen, the OG crew?
0-6 in the playoffs up against G2
So many people at the final that day
Left still wondering, 'When does Origen play?'
Who's surprised when the team is looking squishy, though?
Recall that their best player still a dude we call Deficio
Old kings, new kings, legacy
It's all gonna sound so Pepega, see?
When we take your crown, and then we gank your throne
We make your fans so mad they want you swimmin' home
Got one favor that I gotta request
I know you're savin' it for later, but it's gotta be addressed
When you lose out here, you really gotta disengage
Get your asses out the chair and get the hell up off my stage