Lil Tjay


Holy Letra

Day after day, it was night after night
Hidin' my emotions, drinking sprite after sprite
Red beam, keep my aim sharp like a knife
Now my hands clean, i can throw a price on your life
Better think twice before i leave yow mama traumatized
No jay prince, but buttom line niggas outta line
Leave a nigga body outta state, now he hard to find
Everybody focused on they needs, disregarding mines
Now i got something that you need, you can't borrow mines
Niggas ain't lyrically with me, they just harmonize
One day i'ma travel overseas, just to lay at ease
Came a long way for me and smelly Sharing philly cheese
I'm here right now
It's crazy, see we started from the bottom
And I'm goin' keep on searching I won't stop until we got em
And nah this ain't for clout cuz I won't tell no one i shot him
Coming from the dirt ya boy a different type a problem
Only 16 but I'm really putting on
So i gotta monitor the words I'm saying in my songs
Late nights niggas on the block with the pipe
I'm putting on for ezzy like [?] would do for right
Grew older, I don't really like to fight
Cause how we goin' get it if I'm off the dirty sprit
Team full of shooters, yeah i keep a small circle
Brody smoking JT, but it's smelling like some purple
[?] Know it's smelly brought you home before you're curfew
And clipper you should know that when I catch, i'ma hurt you
Things you would see, i mean in case it even worth it
But fuck you, go to hell, i hope another nigga merk you
I'm a different breed
Before i get my one's ,i gotta get on my knees
Chasing cheese, shawty ain't my lover, she a billy jean
DeDe told me run and i understand what billy mean
It's a dream, all i wanna do is get it with my team
So by any means, i cannot stop, i cannot quit
Know I'm nice, you try to say different, then you on dicks
Like I'm in it raw, Lil tjay finna buss quick
Smelly this, smelly that, i ain't with the fuck shit
Asani when i catch you, bullet's flying, better duck bitch
And i ain't with the acting, yeah it's really what it is
Yeah, this really how I live
Yeah i really did business And i told you [?] “A nigga looking for her kid”
Tote the .45th [?] Bullets gon' spit
Yeah OT vibes i don' think the nigga live
But speaking from My heart, i hope the lil nigga did
I don't talk a lot because nigga they be talking out they jiff
Style's world, [?], Tiko still lives
Three dead niggas that won't never own shit
I said style's world, [?], Tiko still lives
Three dead niggas that won't never own shit
And money conversations, they coming round when you patient
So i [?] Yall nigga's racin' I'm building a reputation
A lot of motivation when they bring me to the station
Judge know that I'm a savage, i ain't never wrote a statement
First bid in life, it was no secure placement
Now my DA tryna send a nigga on vacation
They offer 1-3, but i sent back the invitation
They try to shake me up, i told my lawyer i ain't Haitian
Barely sympathetic, so I'm unapologetic
For running 'em nigga credit, and telling nigga they debted
I keep mine on me, though never ask me to get it
My momma raised me right, but I'm hard headed
I'm receptive, the feedback if I'm tell you that i needs that
Just bring the pack, chit-chat get you hit in your knee cap
(Knee cap, knee cap, knee cap, knee cap)
I needs that (i needs thay, i needs that)
Yeah, i ain't playing with niggas
I'm just showing i ain't playing with niggas
And I ain't playing with niggas
I'm just showing i ain't playing with niggas