No Label

No Label

Lil Tjay


No Label Letra

Verse:I sent my prayers up to father god
Trying to make up for them nights we use to jug and rob
I was broke on the block i ain't have a job
Ain't no way to get no money so i had to rob
I just pray my nigga smelly sitting up with god
We ain't mean to do the shit, we did, but life is hard
Wish i couldve killed that nigga first and took the charge
And it hurt knowing my big brother in the stars
He supposed to be with me inside this double R
Sometimes feel like all the struggle made us who we are
Gotta bust , durkio , just tell me take it far
You can find me in them trenches and exotic cars
Denny in my system got me touching mars
I be smoking on a pack but i dont fuck with bar
Free Lenny, bro was always down to take a charge
Fucking bitches on the daily we was living large
I need 10 for a feature i ain't finna barge
If i want a nigga chain we gon' make it ours
I dun really put in pain and i got the scars
Smelly block eazy gang , not to say the part
A lot of niggas finna hate cuz of who we are
While it's loaded, I'm stain so I'm moving smart
Better stay up in your lane you dont play a part
This year we ain't playing see me on the chart
Sippin moving fast looking at the past
Who the ever thought i get my music off the grass
Who the ever thought i make it here from skippin class
Back end got me feeling good tell them give me pack
Niggas playing games like its tic and tac
I tell my hitters put in pain while i go relax
Smelly died thats the gang put it on the map
Told my brother he need anything know i got his back
Know the streets cold so i got a strap
A nigga moving too bold then i gotta clap
Hurd you got a 22 well i got a mack
I ain't really ready for the fame but I must adapt
Niggas chattin on my name let me know the facts
No cap , we ain't playing , this shit more than rap
Put the moves on your ass, than we grip a tac
Word , only takes a couple bands , just to get you wack

(I ain't wanna lay him)
(I ain't wanna lay him)
(They give me a felon )
(I ain't wanna lay him )

Beat flows.....