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That Bird Letra

The Teskey Brothers


That Bird (Letra/Lyrics)

People they can be so unkind
If they're not happy
If they can't speak their mind
But unwind the needle just to find

One more line, one more line

People they got something to say
They can be carried or be carried away
But it takes bricks and mortar
To speak your mind
So keep putting ‘em down, put ‘em down

That bird had song to sing
Something to say
Is it still here?
Or has it flown away?

This morning it had something to say
Is it still here?
Or has it flown away?

It reminds of a time where my memories fade
Thoughts ain't sharp unless they're laid
But if I can't remember
Will I feel it again?
All I need's a piece of paper and pen

But you can take a photograph
Or can you just be there
Do you need to remember?
Or can you just be there?
If I kept my promise, would we still be friends?
If I remembered would I feel it again?

Datos de That Bird

THAT BIRD es una canción de The Teskey Brothers que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Run Home Slow. Agradecemos a Artihaust por haber sudido la letra de That Bird.