HG2 Intro - Rod Wave

HG2 Intro

Rod Wave



'HG2 Intro'

Look, I'm sorry baby
I don't live that kinda life
I be turnt up every night
I ain't got room for a wife
But she dangerous and damagin'
But shit, you kinda scandalous so maybe you can handle it
But I live the dream
I ain't yo' average teen, I don't sell sandwiches
It's Heartbreak Hotel season, I get paid for gamblin'
I got two accountants, that's for money management and managers to manage what they managing
Hate when people say they get it or they understand
‘Cause truth be told, I don't think you'll ever stand a chance
You won't get it ‘til yo' closest ni*** showin' animosity
Hoes that you barely know try to f*** ya constantly
Hatin' niggas say that you won't blow ‘cause you ain't special
And everywhere you go somebody gotta be extra
They pull ya to the side and try to give you a lecture
And you don't wanna hear it but you gotta be respectful
If not, they say yo' head too big ‘cause you up next
And everywhere you go you rock diamonds ‘round yo' neck
And niggas smile around ya but don't wanna see you flex
And you don't step in clubs unless they cut you a check
And, you don't like clubbin' but you damn sure can pack ‘em
You walk through malls every Saturday to get reactions
And hoes that used to turn ya down, they come around with actin'
Askin' for pictures to put kisses in the caption
And you won't understand until yo' private life is public
The world love watchin' you turn nothin' into somethin'
The life and path you chose consist of nonstop hustlin'
Hittin' the road, doin' shows, and elbow rubbin'
You forced to stay away from yo' cousins ‘cause they be thuggin'
You love ‘em just like brothers but can't get in no more trouble
Niggas want you to fail and yo' family want you to bubble
Waitin' for you to blow and come get ‘em all out the gutter
You wouldn't understand ‘til you have to hit that road
You'll never have the time for the people you love the most
Takin' chances, tryna ball, Knievel in the post
Evil in certain people is really startin' to show
And you wouldn't understand until yo' job is yo' career
It's like yo' sport
You leave the 12th, won't be back ‘til the 4th
You live hotel to hotel, resort to resort
You got eight bills a month but only one of ‘em yours
And you couldn't understand if I paid ya
You wouldn't understand if I made ya, it's crazy
Life we live daily is major, now understand
I went from a nobody to the fuckin' man
Everybody fuckin' mad ‘cause I got that bag and passed the torch
But ain't nobody pass the torch when I had first jumped off the porch
Me and Chris Atkins in the Cam' dreamin' ‘bout that Porsche
I was down alone in that cell, down with no remorse
Me and Shard sittin' at that table tryna get it right
Me and pops on that phone and we talkin' prison life
Me and mama goin' back and forth, kicked out every night
I was kicked out every night
I know it's hard to have faith in the greatness in yo' city
‘Cause nobody has ever really made it in yo' city
Couple church songs, but nobody's major in yo' city
Nobody hit the big stage and skated in yo' city
Niggas got cocky and then they got lazy in yo' city
Eventually they critically faded in yo' city
But this young ni*** is comin' to make changes in yo' city
Changes in yo' city

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