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another song

Lil Peep

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'another song'

'I mean it been going on and building up for so many years that I was.. ya'know... suicidal, I mean I just didn't wanna live; so I just thought: 'If I'm gonna die, if I'm gonna kill myself, I should take some drugs', ya'know.. huh'

I remember when you used to hold me close and say you love me (Say you love me)
Now you actin' like a ghost and that's okay, I know I'm ugly (I know I'm ugly)
Now I'm swervin' in the ghost and I'm okay, I'm gettin' money (I'm gettin' money)
Now I'm switchin' up the coast, get out my way I stop for nothin' (I stop for.. Skrrt)
Give me some time and give me your patience (Patience)
Came in the game last month, f*** the game, I'm done (I'm done)
Give me a sign and I'm gonna take it (Ahh)
Whatever way I want, bitch, I get paid up front (Clout, clout)
I'm gettin' mine, so f*** all your placements (Fuck)
Baby face, I'm young, f*** the place I'm from (Place I'm from)
Don't hit my line and say somethin' basic (Skrrt..rrrt)
If it ain't about the money, please don't waste no time (Waste no time)
Lookin' out the edge, and I'm picturin' the fall 'cause
I don't want to break my legs and have to carry on (Hey)
If I carry on I'm gon' need some marijuana
Put it in my bong, then I make another song

'May as well become a junkie because I felt like a junkie everyday, ya'know? Waking up starving, just forcing myself to eat, ya'know, barfing it back up.. it's like.. I'm in pain all the time.'

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