Earl Sweatshirt


More than feelings get hurt when the shotty goes
Blow, ears get fuc*** from my audios
I get more ass than potty holes
Had these naughty flows ever since I was a snotty nose
Youngin, mobbin' with my shirt tucked in
I'll pop a ni*** in his mouth to show him I wasn't bluffin'
But, things changed like a Barack Campaign ad
Niggas on the sneak tip I see you clearly through these Ray-Bans
Wait, now my erections go 'pshh' down the necks of hoes
Who next to go? The flexible bisexual, I'm thinkin' so
What's perplexin', though, is that this adolescent's flow
Is hotter than a motherfuckin' summer spent in Mexico
Cop me a mic, check and go, prepare for domination
I got more flavors than a calm doctor has patients
Cut to the race, I'll come in first place
Respect me or catch a Nike SB to the face
Now, I whooped so many niggas that they callin' me racist
I annihilate them, my flows amazing as grace is
Ask them motherfuck*** locked up in my basement
I won't give a shit, f***, once your face hit's the pavement
A hater only flatters me
Who's up to bat? We bastards, we savage, y'all handle more balls than Agassi
No body passes me, Fantastic 3 plus 1
Leave catastrophes wherever we run, umm
Hun, pardon the casualties
Lyrically you can't pass me
Nigga tryina pass me got slapped like a black chicks ass cheek
I'm cold make the track sneeze, breakin' niggas like bad knees
I got sweet steeze, so sweet I attract bees
With my, brainiac flows, the zaniest hoes know
I hit niggas playin' me with low blows
To keep your eyes wide shut like a No-Doz
I cop dough and stay afloat when I show boat, ni***