Earl Sweatshirt

Green Box Freestyle - Letra

Earl Sweatshirt

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Sober for a sec, bent so I write easier
That weapon make a peppermint out of that white tee
If you coming, then godspeed to you, you sonning me, don't speak to me crooked
I'm stuntin, look at me ma, it's no handouts
Sweaty want the dumb cash
I'm done with the bus riding
She made the mistake for thinking he gave a f*** 'bout her
Tell 'em duck down or get drug out the backdoor
Flow got the mouth doing duties like the Task Force
Doobie and a passport, standing where the path forks
Quick to grab your bitch's wrist and get the shit I asked for
Wang trashy as bitches in smooth garments
We switching through lanes, handling business on my side of the line
Where they ain't having it, and all that sweet talk is cheap
And niggas ain't talking, that's regardless what the docket read
Stop and stare, it's really him, fresh from out the piggy pen
If I die tonight, then tell my mom I was a pretty bitch