Earl Sweatshirt


(I've been on the, I've been on the)
I've been on the run, that's why I go harder than you go
Plus I call 'em how I see em, maybe that's why I'm all alone
Product of the cold but let me back up
The bitch back arched like a bow, yes sir
Leave her eyes in between her thighs, wetter
I told you that I'm in it for the long stretcher
I thought I told you I was in it for the long stretch
Drunk off of liquor from the long neck bottle
Mama told me that her soul been hollow for the longest
I told her that I know those problems
But you gotta know that wallowing is chosen
I scraped my face off the bottom one time, now mama son shine
Like the mother fuc*** blinds when they open
Ashes to Ashes, pray death kiss my opponent
Had scars on my fist when I rose it
Armed with intent to provoke in a moment
Not be nutrition for vultures
Armor too thick for the poking
Think before you approach me, bitch

It's 6 in the morning
You live around the corner
It's hard in the city, I'm falling, I'm sickened
The piggy's approaching, clicking the cuffs on the 40s
Chickens get slip and get sold
Live or you don't
Do what you do for your family but most handle yourself
Know your daddy got goals
Be a man and just get with some shit you were planning