Sketchbook - The Way!

The Way!



The Way! Letra

My makeup smeared on the counter
As I'm wiping off my eyeliner
I look up, there you are
Smiling at me through the mirror

I lose my breath
Oh, every time
You take me in
With just your eyes
In my bare skin
All my doubts reside
I could stay in your gaze forever

Signs are slow
Oh, I just love
The way you look at me
No, at night I wish
I could bottle it up
And stir it up in my tea
Oh, the way you look at me

Datos de esta canción

THE WAY! es una canción de Fantasia del año 2019, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Sketchbook. Agradecemos a Plexice por haber sudido la letra de The Way!.