When I See You Challenge



When I See You Challenge Letra

Here we go ahhh!!
When I See it like I'm living a dream, Laying up in your arms
I ain't worried about a thing
Everytime I'm feeling down you tell me we are a team, But my head wear a crown and told me I'm the Queen, So I'm just doing what the Queen does best and I'm the one who always keep my king in check and i respect
Baby we running the street, but don't want us some babies who running the street ah!
I don't got to prove that I'm the real chick just wanna be with
Somebody you can chill with, someone you can bear with, someone you could vibe with, I'm always on your side and the one your gonna ride with....
Give me your heart and I'm keeping the key, Casue none of these other women's can do it like me!!!
LADIES, if you got a man better take him by the hand look him in his eyes and make your king understand...
Like any, Your always on my mind when you come around i get shy
(When I See you) ×2
Never know you might walk by so I gotta be right on time
(When I See you)×2

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