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GOLDEN SHOWER es una canción de Lindemann del año 2015, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Skills in Pills.


'Golden Shower'

Please stand up and spread your legs
I lay me down, look up, it shakes
Let me eat your shame
Let me sip champagne
Let cry your pinky flower
Give me, give me golden shower

Let it rain, don't be blunt
Let it rain, what a stunt
Let it rain, make me grunt
Let it rain from your pretty cunt

Golden shower, don't be shy, cunt
Golden shower, let it fly from your pretty cunt
Golden shower, golden sweat, cunt
Golden shower, make it wet, let it jet

Please stand up, pink hairy sky
I creep down and wait, wait for you to cry
Let me sip again
Give me more champagne
Be my human Eiffel tower
Give me, give me golden shower

French kisses flowing from your hips
And it seems like fairies flying
Moisten tender eyes and lips
And it feels like angels crying