Bing Crosby

Breezin’ Along With The Breeze Letra

Bing Crosby


Breezin’ Along With The Breeze (Letra/Lyrics)

I have been a rover since I was a child
No one to love or care for me
Knocked around all over, kinda grew up wild
My home's wherever I may be
Ain't no someone yearnin', wonderin' where I be
I'm gone, but no one's missin' me
Ain't no light a-burnin' ev'ry night for me
I'm like a bird that's flyin' free

I'm just breezin' along with the breeze
Trailin' the rails, roamin' the seas

Like the birdies that sing in the trees
Pleasin' to live, livin' to please

The sky is the only roof I have over my head
And when I'm weary, Mother Nature makes my bed

I'm just goin' along as I please
Breezin' along with the breeze

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