Bing Crosby

Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider Letra

Bing Crosby


Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider (Letra/Lyrics)

(note: frank never sang the intro, only the chorus, after a full musical intro by tommy dorsey's band)
In the region where the roses always bloom
Breathing out upon the air their sweet perfume
Lives a dusky maid I long to call my own
For, I know my love for her will never die;
When the sun am sinking in dat golden west
Little robin red breast gone to seek their nests
And I sneak down to dat place I love the best
Ever'y evening there along I sigh

Chorus: ida! sweet as apple cider
Sweeter than all I know
Come out! in the silv'ry moonlight
Of love we'll whisper, so soft and low!
Seems as tho' can't live without you
Listen, please, honey do!
Ida! I idolize yer
I love you, ida, 'deed I do

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