Bing Crosby

Isle Of Capri Letra

Bing Crosby


Isle Of Capri (Letra/Lyrics)

'Twas on the Isle of Capri that I found her
Beneath the shade of an old walnut tree
Oh, I can still see the flowers blooming 'round her
Where we met on the Isle of Capri

She was as sweet as the rose of the dawning
But somehow, fate hadn't meant her for me
And though you sailed with the tide in the morning
Still my heart's on the Isle of Capri

Summertime was nearly over
Blue Italian sky above
I said, 'Lady, I'm a rover
Can you spare a sweet word of love? '

She whispered softly, 'It's best, not to linger'
And then as I kissed her hand, I could see
She wore a plain golden ring on her finger
'Twas goodbye on the Isle of Capri

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