Bing Crosby

I’ll Capture Your Heart Letra

Bing Crosby


I’ll Capture Your Heart (Letra/Lyrics)

Here she comes, down the street
My, oh my, ain't she sweet?
Why, here comes my hot toddy
Look out, over my dead body

I'll capture her heart singing
Just wait until she gets a load of my dancing
Just wait till I start singing
I'll take her strolling down the road with my dancing

I can't go wrong, a tender song and she'll discover my charms
Some fancy taps and she'll collapse and fall right into my arms, get him
I'll capture her heart singing
Oh no, you haven't a chance when I go into my dance

I'll take you through life singing
I'll make you my wife dancing

If you could dance instead of sing
I'd learn to love you somehow
If you could sing instead of dance
I'd take you home with me now

The way you sing don't mean a thing
You'd better stick to your dance
And as for you, your dance won't do
You'll have to sing for romance

I'll capture her heart
I'll capture her heart

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