Bing Crosby

Muddy Water Letra

Bing Crosby


Muddy Water (Letra/Lyrics)

Dixie moonlight, Swanee shore
Headed home bound just once more
To my Mississippi Delta home

Southland has that grand garden spot
Although, you believe it or not
I hear those breezes a-whispering, 'Come on back to me!'

Muddy water round my feet
Muddy water in the street
Just Gods don't shelter
Down on the Delta!

Muddy water in my shoes
Reelin' and rockin' to them low-down blues
They live in comfort and ease down there
I do declare!

Been away
A year today
To wander and roam;
I don't care
It's muddy there
But see, it's my home!

Got my toes turned Dixie way
Round the Delta let me lay
My heart cries out for muddy water!

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