Bing Crosby

The Sweetheart Waltz Letra

Bing Crosby


The Sweetheart Waltz (Letra/Lyrics)

Dearie now tell me, why do you sigh
Why do you let all the Sunshine pass bye
Life's all too short for a worry or care
When melody fills the air: Let us

Back of the shadows, there lies the sun
Waiting the dawning when night-time is done
Don't hide the Sun with a sorrowful sigh
Let all your clouds pass you by: Let us

Dance a good old sweet-heart waltz
In a good old fashioned way
Let us glide along while life's a song
And there's Moonlight on the bay
Let us sing a song of brighter days
And forget each other's faults
There are miles and miles of Sunny Smiles
When dancing a sweet-heart waltz

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