Bing Crosby

The There’s Nothing I Haven’t Sung About Letra

Bing Crosby


The There’s Nothing I Haven’t Sung About (Letra/Lyrics)

I've sung about the birds and bees
The daffydown dillies and the shady trees
I've covered mother nature inside out
There's the old ox road, the old millstream
Pennies from heaven and darn that dream
Nothin that I haven't sung about

I've sung some songs of sacrifice
I've even sung a few that offered good advice
I've covered all emotions there's no doubt
Like a fine romance, learn to croon
Sing you sinners, and love in bloom
Nothing that I haven't sung about

There's many a chorus
I've sang of Delores
Remember Marquita, and sweet Riorita?
There's Mary and Sally, and Rose Mexicali
From Emiline to Clementine
They all got equal time

Yes, musically I've been around
I've covered almost every town
I've always been a vocal gadabout
From the Swanee River, to Galway Bay
Atchison Topeka and the Santa Fe
There's nothing that I haven't sung about

I found a million dollar baby in a ten cent store
A pockeful of dreams and plenty more
Since anything goes I pick Sweet Sue
Spose that's the natural thing to do

We began the beguine and I could feel it start
I said please be careful that's my heart!
In the cool of the evening 'neath the autumn leaves
We call for music, maestro please!

There's a great temptation as we cuddle near
And I whispered I surrender dear
The bells of St Mary's rang in the steeple
For all the dear friends and gentle kind of people

I said babe I got you under my skin
It had to be you 'cause love walked in
From here on in you'll be going my way
Til the blue of the night meets the gold of the day

I've sung about Dolly, my Rosie of Tralee
I've sung of Chicago, and that song from Zhivago
The old Mississippi and Tintipitipi
The winter, summer, spring and fall
I've covered one and all
And I love 'em one and all!

I've tried to sing these modern songs
I just can't figure where that style belongs
The mad rock, acid rock, country, western, soul
But when I try to sing 'em I ain't nowhere
I ain't got the clothes and I ain't got the hair
But I'll keep tryin' til there is no doubt
There ain't nothing, really nothing
That I haven't sung about!

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