Justin Moore

Big Ass Headache Letra

Justin Moore


Big Ass Headache (Letra/Lyrics)

I feel like I’ve been rode hard and hung up wet
Swallowed by a mule and crapped off a cliff
I drank enough whiskey to fill up a lake
Woke up this morning with a big ass headache

Y’all I ain’t kidding this son of a bitch hurts
Where the hell are my pants must be with my shirt
I still got my boots on but make no mistake
They can’t help me kick this big ass headache

Another night of gettin’ right
Gettin’ home at daylight
Payin’ for all the hell that I raised
It’s a Jack Daniel’s jackhammer
Shut the door but don’t slam her
Kind of feelin’ poundin’ my brain
I got a big ass headache

I’ve tried BC Powder I’ve tried hair of the dog
I could sweat it out but hell I hate to jog
Bet I’ve drank ten gallons of green Gatorade
But still it ain’t drownin’ this big ass headache

[Repeat Chorus]

It’s half past six and there goes my phone
I found my britches but I should probably stay home
Pound a few waters try to rehydrate
‘Cause I know what’s coming in the morning
A big ass headache
A big ass headache

Datos de esta canción

BIG ASS HEADACHE es una canción de Justin Moore. Agradecemos a Cedric Dominguez por haber sudido la letra de Big Ass Headache.