Black Lips

Body Combat Letra

Black Lips


Body Combat (Letra/Lyrics)

I move along casting shadows
And resistance can be only in vain
Getting by dodged the gallows
My existence is my enemies' bane
I'm not a clown, you're a coward
Don't even bother brother you'd be insane

Don't blame my nature
Don't be a hater futile to complain

You can try sweat bleed and cry
But in the end I'll still be the same
Talkin' cheap ch-ch-ch-chatter
Doesn't matter I won't give it a thought

Walking tall with a swagger
Not afraid of getting slandered or shot
Like a hard headed cannon
I'm a man and I do what I want


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BODY COMBAT es una canción de Black Lips que se estrenó el . Agradecemos a XaviBarna por haber sudido la letra de Body Combat.