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Empassant Letra

Black Lips


Empassant (Letra/Lyrics)

I know a girl who lives in this world
She saw at me at a bar, at Empassant
I moved like a pawn who's chasing a swan
Who's singing a song, a real bad song
I feel it each day but I do it my way
And I turn on the radio, and I hear the voice of Tammy Faye
She says: "Reach out, reach out, friend, for my sake"
When my life don't seem so sweet
Imagine a baby bleeder on the toilet seat
And realizing that your time is slow
Imagine a soldier in Iraq getting his head blown off
If in life it seems you can only fail
Imagine a poor boy whose getting raped in a prison cell
And you can have your cake, and you can eat it too
Pushing right into there that's Jericho
Thank God either way
The Lord and Savior and live it each day
When life starts to seem so sad
Just remember it ain't so bad
So pray to the Lord that they may survive
Cause we're only here for a little while

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