I Don’t Wanna Go Home - Black Lips

I Don’t Wanna Go Home Letra

Black Lips


I Don’t Wanna Go Home (Letra/Lyrics)

I don't wanna go home
I wanna stay until the sun is bright
Well, I'm never acting grown
I'm gonna do what makes me feel alright
Now I'm turning off my phone
I've heard it all and I don't wanna fight

(Take a horse, just get us through the outsides of Rome)
Crash on dirty couches, eating breakfast off the flo' (floor)
Slowly serving strangers in a place I hardly know
I can't find the hotel, they're all gone, I'm here all alone

I don't wanna go home
I really wanna stay with you tonight
Sick of sleeping all alone
I know it's late, but it's cold outside
I can see the lights aglow
The door is shut and it's locked up tight

I don't wanna go home
The sun is up and it's way too bright
And I'm sick of being stoned
My head is spinning and my face is white
Gonna holler at the phone
I've had enough, I think my brain is fried


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