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I Saw God Letra

Black Lips


I Saw God (Letra/Lyrics)

Erm well you know it's an altogether new thing
And you actually can have a religious experience
And it can be even more important than reading the bible six times
Or becoming a pope or something like that you know - taken from kids on LSD

Man I was sitting around thinking and the smell of mary-j-wuanna leaves was burning a stench
Into the ashtray, which happened to be hood of my car—an old beat-up station wagon with the
High beams burnt out. Now, as I said I, was thinking... grandma was always trying to hook me
Up into going to the big house. She said I'd learn somethin'—somethin' right. She said you
Learn some self respect, boy, you learn you some discipline. You think just cause you went to
School and learned you some readin' and some writing too that you're gonna be all right? But I
Never really got with it. I don't think I ever really understood until one day my buddy James
Came down and he said I got somethin' for ya ands it's something good and you can turn on to
The father. And I said if its all right for my old man then it's all right for me. Why, shit
If Christopher Columbus might have never really set out to really see somethin', if he had
Never put some balls into it, then shit I might of started to think the world was flat if it
Hadn't been for him, if you now what I'm sayin'. And they gonna come around like this
Motherfucker can fly and shit but we really look like two monkeys fuc*** a goddamn beach ball
Or somethin'. 'Cause all I saw was the cross and it was the cross before it came down
And I said oh my God...

That's when I saw oh
That's when I it all what
That's when I saw what
That's when I saw tell
That's when I it all hell
That's when I saw God
That's when I saw what
That's when I saw

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