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Waiting Letra

Black Lips


Waiting (Letra/Lyrics)

Sitting in the classroom waiting for the teacher's hand
To lead us in the Pledge (of) Allegiance
Make us understand
Would we rather kick the legs out of the chair and watch her fall
Cause there's no more time for her to make the call

So we're gonna break down all the desks
Tear down the maps, and storm down the halls
Cause it doesn't mean a thing to us at all

I don't want to wait, waiting for it, waiting for the change
I don't want to wait, waiting for it, waiting all the same

I'm riding down the interstate, moving faster, if I can
I'm trying not to instigate any problems with the Man
But they'll probably find a way to say to me, "You cannot move"
So, what's this guy gonna try to prove

Better not make a sudden movement
Just be cool and don't act dumb
While he's looking down the sides of his gun

You're gonna find them in your neighborhood
You're gonna find them in your shed
They're gonna find you shooken up with fear
Hiding underneath your bed
But you'd rather they be gone for long forever lights and sound
If they never had existed, that'd be fine

But you gotta live with the regret
Forget, for now, at least, is fine
Cause they'll find a place for you on down the line


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