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Vixen's vik Letra

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Vixen's vik (Letra/Lyrics)

Vixen's Fjord is the best I know.
Rounded mountains like a moose's toe.
Rich waters with constant flow.
Safe haven for my Drakkar to go.

Sail straight on up vixens’s Fjord.
Who is full of class.
With a fine round bottom
as smooth as glass!

my drakkar loves vixen's vik
Her waters run rich and deep!
No matter where a Viking is from!
It is a place we all wish to come!

this heathen inn is well kept!
her waters are clean at any depth!
Food and drink always abound.
A fjord where your drakkar is safe and sound.

Freyja has blessed these waters of heaven.
Its entrance she has shown.
Open this fjord my sail full blown.
My drakkar seeks berth in waters known.

Datos de Vixen's vik

VIXEN'S VIK es una canción de Cygnus Rock Band. Agradecemos a Pekepao por haber sudido la letra de Vixen's vik.