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Yggdrasil (Letra/Lyrics)

Amongst your branches the gods caused Midgard to be
From the flesh of Ymir
They formed the Earth for man to dwell
His blood and sweat they turned into the sea

The dwarves came forth
And with them his skull became the sky
Odin formed the wind and cast his brains
They became the dancing clouds that bring us rains

We are the men that honour you today
The nine rest in thee
Our old Ash tree, YGGDRASIL

The realms Revere your name
Forever green always the same
Urd quenches your thirst
Where the CYGNUS swim and gods meet first

Who's that running from bottom to top?
Is it not the slanderer ratatösk?

Forever blessed o' tree
Our sacred Ash you be
Upon your roots evil gnaws
Together we battle to break it's jaws

Upon you Odin hung himself
Just for a glimpse he made sacrifice
He tore out his eye to pay the price

The secrets of the runes
He sought as a prize
One sip from mimir
To make him all wise

Datos de Yggdrasil

YGGDRASIL es una canción de Cygnus Rock Band. Agradecemos a Pekepao por haber sudido la letra de Yggdrasil.