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My glory will be told Letra

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My glory will be told (Letra/Lyrics)

Many days
I've stood like this.
With shield and ax we formed a line.
Each not knowing if it would be our time.

was no different than the last
We stood our ground and gave our best
Our honor the gods put to the test

The sting of death can be quick or slow.
Pain and fear I didn't show.
My blood drained out and I let go.
A new feeling, I did not know.

I held my ground
to the very last.
I know you have honored me.
A brilliant swan is what I see!

Each day
we battled toe to toe.
I always stood strong and bold
I was chosen to feast with the gods of old.

Chorus II:
Who's that taking me?
Is it a white swan or a Valkyrie?
the gates of Valhalla! Behold!
My glory will be told.

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