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Telephone Play No. 1 Letra

U.S. Girls


Telephone Play No. 1 (Letra/Lyrics)


Hey, how are you doing, babe?

I'm ok, I'm still in bed. Bad dreams

Your dreams are always bad

I know it's nothing new. It just happened

What happened this time?

My dad sent me a digital file folder, and in it are all these nude photos of me as a child

Sounds realistic

I know! The thing is, I was kinda hot stuff! I mean, I don't know, I looked good, so it was confusing!

Wow, oh, God! Fathers and daughters

Yeah, yeah, what about mothers and sons?

Yeah, but fathers and daughters

Yeah, but mothers and daughters, man, fuck!

Yeah, there's just kinda no comparison

The worst is fathers and sons

Oh, God, yeah, ok, that's the worst

At least I'm no one's son

Thank God for that! You just might be one of those sons that turns into a fascist dictator

Yeah, instead of just another woman with no self-esteem

[Crowd laughs]

Datos de Telephone Play No. 1

TELEPHONE PLAY NO. 1 es una canción de U.S. Girls del año 2015, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Half Free. Agradecemos a Plexice por haber sudido la letra de Telephone Play No. 1.