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Guardian Angel Letra

Allen Stone


Guardian Angel (Letra/Lyrics)

Somebody is watching, all that I've done
That's what you get when, you lost someone
Guardian angel's watching over me
Another day, another downfall
With smoke braying eyes
Like black cat wrappers on 5th of July
I'm walking on needles, still sleeping on pins
Been drowning my conscience in tonic and gin
Cannot lie, there's really no point
Oh there way too many psychoactive inside of this joint
Guardian angel, don't come close
Oh, please just swear you'll be right there
When I need you the most

I woke up in the morning, on the 13th floor
With no recollection about the night before
I left my phone on the subway, my wallet at the bar
My soul at the jukebox, right next to my heart
Guardian angel is looking on down
Every step I take, every mistake, I wonder what she thinks now
I cannot lie, it feels alright
I'm loving it, I got somebody watching from the other side

[Chorus] - x2

Datos de Guardian Angel

GUARDIAN ANGEL es una canción de Allen Stone, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Radius. Agradecemos a XabiBarna por haber sudido la letra de Guardian Angel.