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Perfect World Letra

Allen Stone


Perfect World (Letra/Lyrics)

In a perfect world, people everywhere
They could elevate above all fear
In a perfect heart, there'd be perfect love
I'm still looking for it in someone
In a perfect world, everybody knows
That it comes around same as it goes
But the way it is, is the way it is
I'm just tryna find my way through this

[Hook] - x4
In a perfect world

[Chorus 1] - x2
It ain't bringing me down
(Get it off my shoulder, livin' like I told ya)

On a perfect day at the perfect time
When those beautiful colors combine
I'll be wide awake, I'll be living free
Cause that perfect feeling is inside of me

[Hook] - x2

[Chorus 1] - x2

[Chorus 2] - x4
It ain't bringing me down

[Chorus 1] - x2

Datos de Perfect World

PERFECT WORLD es una canción de Allen Stone, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Radius. Agradecemos a XabiBarna por haber sudido la letra de Perfect World.