When To Say When



Yeah, somebody on
Somebody hit me today and they were like
Nah, just make sure you know
You tell me what to do when I get there, you know?
(June you're a genius)

I said I respect you, no problem
We got all these blessings, just to give it to others anyway
You know what I'm sayin'?
Yeah, my hand's always open, for real

Hey, thirty three years, I gave that to the game
Thirty three mill, I save that for the ring
Five hundred weeks, I fill the charts with my pain
Five hundred mil and I fall back in the six
Finally give you the niggas the space you need to exist
Michael Jackson 'ship, but the palace is not for kids
Still women sayin' it's childish the way we live

Brought a few "W's' to the six
Baby mama fluke, but I love her for who she is
Baby, wear and tear is responsible for this shit
Half of the time, I question my consciousness in this shit
Other times I question if compliments are legit
Full time I'm out here confident as a bitch
Tryna make good on the promises that I give
Tryna make sure that my accomplices are legit

Register the business in my brother's name
Thirty-five hunnid in the pocket, that should cover things
Certified lover man, trappin' out the motherland
Always move right, so my watch is on the other hand
She can try and play it down now, but she was a fan
People wanna know what's in my pockets, they don't understand
My assistant always findin' Percocets and rubber bands
Know my mom might not want to hear how I discover plans
Word to Sandra Graham, no one love you like your mother can
I watch Michael Rubin win a million off a couple hands
I decide what to see next like it's on demand
I decide what to be next like I'm switchin' plans
I'ma tell you what you feel next like the weatherman
I will split heads and break necks for my little man
Six God, praying hands like I'm a religious man
But I'm just a sicker man (Six, six, six)

Two thirty baby, won't you meet me by The Bean?
Too early, maybe later you can show me things
You know what it is, whenever I visit
Windy city, she blowing me kisses, no
Thirty degrees, way too cold, so hold me tight
Will I see you at the show tonight?
Will I see you at the show tonight?

Hey, truck to the plane, to the truck
Truck to the hotel lobby
Me I go to underground garages
Presidential suite, on deposit
Elevator up to the room
Shower up and then we hit the club
Touchdown, gotta see what's up
Area code in my phone
What numbers do I still have?
Who do I know from the past?
Hit one, she say she got a man
Hit another one, it goes green
Must've changed phones on the team
Member when you let me in between?
That was 2017
All good, Chubbs'll look around

Find one and seem my type
That my dog and he know what I like
He done found me plenty in my life
Problem is, I meet a girl tonight
Then I go and treat her too nice
Galleria credit card swipes
I don't even know if she a wife

But I do know one thing though, women they come they go
Saturday, through Sunday, Monday
Monday through Sunday, you'
Maybe I'll love you one day
Maybe we'll someday grow
Till then I sit my drunk ass on that runway, on this one way

Two thirty baby, won't you meet me by The Bean?
Too early, maybe later you can show me things
You know what it is, whenever I visit
Windy city, she blowing me kisses, no
Thirty degrees, way too cold, so hold me tight
Will I see you at the show tonight?
Will I see you at the show tonight?

Sobre When To Say When

  • El 25 de diciembre de 2019, Drake reveló el título de la canción durante su entrevista en el programa Rap Radar y explicó su opinión sobre esta canción: Las canciones que más me conectan con los fans son aquellas en las que doy estas charlas de la vida como en esta canción, también sirvió para mostrar que todavía puedo rapear.

  • Drake no reveló muchos detalles sobre esta canción antes de su lanzamiento, pero se mantuvo firme sobre la posibilidad de que apareciera en el álbum, afirmando a su vez que no estaba seguro de cómo encajaría en él.

  • El 8 de febrero de 2020, Drake fue visto filmando un vídeo musical en el Marcy Projects de Brooklyn para un sencillo. Más tarde Brian Miller, co-presentador de Rap Radar, confirmó que el vídeo fue filmado para la canción "When To Say When" a través de Twitter.

  • Drake lanzó el tema el 29 de febrero, junto con "Chicago Freestyle" en Youtube; ya que ambas canciones fueron lanzadas con dos portadas con el mismo estilo artístico.

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